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2017- 12-31 Pilgrim’s Progress Hebrews 6:1-10 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-31 Pilgrim’s Regress Hebrews 5:11-14 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-25 The Heavenly Invasion Luke 2:13-14 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-24 I did not come to bring peace but a sword.” Matthew 10:34 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-12-24 King of kings (4): the Shepherds’ Savior Luke 2:8-20 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-17 We are the Masterpiece of God Eph. 2:10 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-17 King of kings (III): Mary’s Baby Luke 2:6-7 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-10 The Power of God’s Kingdom is Present! Lord’s Day 31
Matthew 16:13-20, 18:15-20
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-10 King of kings (II): Jesus is David’s Son Luke 2:4-5 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-03 Recovering the Importance of the Lord’s Supper (III) Lord’s Day 30, QA 81-82 I Corinthians 11:17-34 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-12-03 The Man-who-wanted-to-be-God
serves the coming of the God-who-became-Man
Luke 2:1-2 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-11-26 A Lesson On Repentance Text: Jonah 3:5-10 Rev Jeremy Veldman
2017-11-26 The Ruler Over The Waves Mark 4:35-41 Rev Jeremy Veldman
2017-11-19 Recovering the Importance of the Lord’s Supper (II)
L D 29-30, QA 78-80
Corinthians 10:14-22
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-11-19 A Faith that does not Disappoint Mark 15:42-16:8 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-11-12 Consider Your Ways Text Haggai 1 Mr Michael Jaatinen
2017-11-12 Judgment Day for Jesus Mark 15:33-41 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-11-05 Recovering the Importance of the Lord’s Table Lord’s Day 28
I Corinthians 11:17-26
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-11-05 “Scorned by the Ones He Came to Save” Mark 15:16-32 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-29 What a Passover for Barabbas! Mark 15:1-15 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-29 Soli Deo Gloria: To God Alone be Glory I Corinthians 1:31 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-22 Total Collapse of Self-Confidence Mark 14:26-31, 53-72 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-22 Solus Christus: In Christ Alone I Timothy 2:5-6 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-15 The Son of God Tried by Sinful Men Mark 14:53-65 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-15 Sola Fides: I am Righteous by Faith Alone Romans 3:21-22 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-09 Declare His Golry Among Nations Acts 14:17 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-08 Bold as a Lion Proverbs 28:1 Rev Martin Vogel
2017-10-08 Sola Gratia: Saved by Grace Alone Ephesians 2:4-7 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-01 A Faithful Savior Among Faithless Sinners Mark 14:43-52 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-10-01 Sola Scriptura: The Bible Alone -1 II Timothy 3:14-17 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-09-20 Recovering the Importance of Baptism (II) Lord’s Day 27
Acts 16:13-15, 25-34
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-09-24 The Church’s Prayer for Her Daughters Psalm 144:12b Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-09-17 Recovering the Importance of Baptism (I) Lord’s Day 26
Romans 6:1-4
Rev. Harry Zekveld
207-09-17 Facing Hell Alone Mark 14:27-42 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-09-10 Jephthah – Israel’s rejected deliverer Judges 11 Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-09-10 Are You Diligent or Drifting? Hebrews 2: 1-4 Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-09-03 Christianity is a Religion, not just a Relationship Lord’s Day 25
Acts 2:36-42
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017--09-03 Jesus Christ, the Meaning of Everything Colossians 1:16-17 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-08-27 Forgiveness Through Our Faithful God Judges 10:6 – 11:11 Mr. John Ysinga
2017-08-27 Our God Who Hears Jonah 1: 17 – 2:10 Mr. John Ysinga
2017-08-20 The King’s Healing Touch Mark 1:40-45 Rev Jeremy Veldman
2017-08-20 The Hands Of The Healer Mark 1:29-31 Rev Jeremy Veldman
2017-08-13 Only Free Grace Guarantees Salvation Lord’s Day 24
Galatians 3:10-14
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-08-13 Take Refuge in God’s Faithfulness Psalm 91:4 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-08-06 What is the benefit of believing in God? Lord’s Day 23
Luke 18:9-14
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-08-06 The Passover Lamb prepares His sacrifice Mark 14:12-26 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-30- In Christ, Believers Will Never Die Lord’s Day 22
John 6:28-40
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-30 The Extreme Honor that Repelled Judas Mark 14:1-11 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-23 Be on your guard! (II) The end of the world Mark 13:20-37 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-23 The Church’s Prayer for Her Sons Psalm 144:12a Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-16 Be on your guard! (I) The end of the temple destruction foretold Mark 13:1-17 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-16 Incomprehensible Forgiveness Lord’s Day 21, QA 56
Scripture Isaiah 55
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-09 The Church of Christ is the Spirit’s Work Day 21, QA 54-55
I Corinthians 12:1-13
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-09 Jesus, the Judge of True Religion Mark 12:41-44 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-07-02 Courage to Stand in a Foreign Land Jeremiah 29:7 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-07-02 Quench Not the Spirit I Thessalonians 5:19 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-06-25 Who is the Holy Spirit? Lord’s Day 20
Acts 1:1-11
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-06 25 God’s Glorious City Psalm 87 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-06-18 Do You Look Forward to Christ’s Return? Lord’s Day 19, QA 52
II Peter 3:1-14
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-06-18 The Greatest Gift Imaginable Genesis 17:7 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-06-11 “Do Not Grieve the Holy Spirit” Ephesians 4:30 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-06-11 “There is nothing Too Hard for The Lord” Jeremiah 32: 26-27 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-06-04 Predestination: God's Choice to...? BC-Article 16, Ephesians 1:1-14 Rev. Brian Zegers
2017-06-04 “What does Pentecost mean?” Acts 2:12-18 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-28- The Church’s Safety Under Jesus’ Reign Lord’s Day 19, QA 50-51 Psalm 110 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-28 Turning False Teachers Upside Down Mark 12:35-37 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-25 The Church's Last (and Everlastin !) Yon Kippur Hebrews 9: 1-15, 24-28 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-21 He Left Us for Our Good Lord’s Day 18, QA 46-48
Luke 24:36-53
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-21 The Commandment that Brought the Cross Mark 12:28-34 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-14 Saved by His Resurrection Lord’s Day 17 Romans 4:16-25
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-14 Silenced by the Truth Mark 12:13-28 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-07 Crucified, Dead, and Buried with Christ Lord’s Day 16 Romans 6:1-14
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-05-07 The Body builds the Body Ephesians 4:16 Rev. Harry Zekveld
“In my place condemned He stood” Lord’s Day 15
Leviticus 16:1-10, 20-22
Rev. Harry Zekveld
Christ’s Program for Body Building Ephesians 4:11-12 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2014-04-23 The Son of God Became the Son of Mary Lord’s Day 14, Hebrews 2:5-18 Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-04-23 Welcome One Another Romans 15:7 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2014-0416 “Rend your hearts and not your garments” Lord’s Day 33 Joel 2
Rev. James Sinke
2014-04-16 Jesus Must Rise from the Dead John 19:38-20:9 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2014-04-14 His Robes For Mine John 19:14-37 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2014-04-09 “My Lord and My God!” Lord’s Day 13,, John 20:19-31
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-04-09 “Sirs, we want to see Jesus” John 12:20-24 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-04-02 How Christ Restores our Glory Lord’s Day 12
Revelation 1:1-5
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-04-02 Praise God for giving us living hope!
I Peter 1:3-5
Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-03-26 Who is the Real Jesus? Lord’s Day 11
Matthew 16:13-20
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-03-26 Face-to-Face with Jesus’ Authority Mark 11:27-12:12 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-03-19 It’s Providence, not mere coincidence! Lord’s Day 10
Romans 8:28-39
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-03-19 Jesus Fights for His Church Mark 11:11-26 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-03-12 I Believe in God the Father Lord’s Day 9 , Psalm 63 Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2107-03-12 King Joash: Faithfulness and Failure II Kings 12 Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-03-05 The Worldview of True Faith Lord’s Day 8
Matthew 28:16-20
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-03-05 The Messiah’s Public Homecoming Mark 11:1-11 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-02-26 Salvation by a True Faith Alone Lord’s Day 7
Ephesians 2:1-10
Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-02-26 The Son of David Stops for a Needy Man Mark 10:46-52 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-02-19 “Truly Man, Truly Righteous, Truly God” Lords Day 6
Romans 5; II Corinthians 5
Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-02-19 “A Word of Assurance for Troubled Times” Psalm 37:7 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-02-12 How shall we escape? (II) Go God’s Way! Lord’s Day 5
Romans 3:9-24
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-02-12 The Lord’s gracious cure for backsliding Hosea 14 Mr. Michael Jaatinen
2017-01-05 How shall we escape God’s Judgment? (I) Lord’s Day 4
Romans 2:1-11
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-02-15 The Servant Saved us to Make us Servants Mark 10:32-45 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-29 Human Corruption – The True Story Lord’s Day 3
Romans 5:12-21
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-29 Buying into the Supreme Value of Jesus Mark 10:22-31 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-22 “Thou Art the Potter, I Am the Clay” Jeremiah 18: 5 & 6 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-01-22 “Ask for the Old Paths” Jeremiah 6:;16 Rev. Peter Vellenga
2017-01-15 Seeing and Admitting the Problem Lord’s Day 2
Romans 1:18-32
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-15 The Missing Thing Mark 10:17-22 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-08 God’s Gospel is Good! Lord’s Day 1
Romans 1:1-17
Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-08 What is God’s Will for Marriage? Mark 10:1-12 Rev. Harry Zekveld
2017-01-01 Come away and rest a while Mark 6:30-31 Rev. Jeff Poort
2017-01-01 Christian, Quo Vadis? Philippians 3:10-14 Rev. Harry Zekveld