An Important Message from Jesus James 1:1
Face Your Trials in Faith James 1:2-12
Knowing God in Trial and Temptation James 1:13-21
True and False Christianity James 2:22-27
God’s Law of Non-Discrimination James 2:1-13
True Faith is Shown by Works James 1:14-26
Small But Mighty: Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12
True Wisdom is Proved by Works James 3:13-18
How God’s Grace Destroys Worldliness James 4:1-10
His Grace is Greater! James 4:6-10
A Closer Inspection of Evil Speech James 4:11-12
The Clash of Worldviews in Business James 4:13-17
The Clash of Worldviews in Business James 5:1-7
Be Patient Until the Lord’s Coming James 5:7-12
Handle Life with Prayer James 1:1-8, 5:7-20
Bringing Someone Back James 5:19-20