PURC Volunteer Circle Group
519 247 3727
Our group consists of about a dozen busy ladies. The dates for meetings are usually once every other month and the time is always at 9:30 a.m. sharp. That is when our hostess, , has the coffee ready in her spacious home. The dates for our meetings are posted in our church bulletin a week before they take place. If you missed the bulletin you can check it out on line. Some of the beautiful articles made by our knitters can also be viewed on line.
Our meetings are opened with devotions, and a short business report.


Our Volunteer Club has sent box number 107 of beautiful handmade clothes and afghans made by our volunteer ladies. Several boxes sent contained like new clothes bought at reduced, already ridiculously low prices, at the Bibles for Mission Thrift Store in Hyde Park. All the boxes are shipped to Ukraine through Meest, a company that ships to any destination in Ukraine except Crimea and now Donetsk, where the school building owned by R.I.T. E. still stands. Parents of one of the translators, Anya, still live there with severe travel restrictions imposed on them. The boxes we send weigh approximately 85 -95 lbs. and costs between $100 -$120 to send. They are packed and traced until they reach their destination by Robert and Inez Vanderhill in Dorchester. For the many years they have done this, not one box was lost even during the height of the Russian invasion into the Ukraine.
During intermission of our congregational meetings, you will always see a can for donations where you pick up your coffee. We appreciate your generosity. And there are some who make scrubbies to be sold in the Dutch Store in town and at the Market on Center Road. Help for making them will be appreciated. We are a friendly group who would welcome more busy ladies to join our group. Contact: 519-247-3727