Christ's Ministry as Told by

November 2015 to November 2017

The Church’s Continuing Task
Mark 16:9-20
A Faith that does not Disappoint
Mark 15:42-16:8
Judgment Day for Jesus
Mark 15:33-41
Scorned by the Ones He Came to Save”
Mark 15:16-32
What a Passover for Barabbas!
Mark 15:1-15
The Total Collapse of Self-Confidence
Mark 14:26-31, 53-72
The Son of God Tried by Sinful Men
Mark 14:53-65
A Faithful Savior Among Faithless Sinners
Mark 14:43-52
The Passover Lamb prepares His sacrifice
Mark 14:1-26
The Extreme Honor that Repelled Judas
Mark 14:1-11
Be on your guard! (II) The end of the world
Mark 13:20-37
Be on your guard! (I) The end of the temple
Mark 13:1-17
Jesus, the Judge of True Religion
Mark 12:41-44
Turning False Teachers Upside Down
Mark 12:35-37
The Commandment that Brought the Cross
Mark 12:28-34
Silenced by the Truth
Mark 12:13-28
Face-to-Face with Jesus’ Authority
Mark 11:27-12:12
Jesus Fights for His Church
Mark 11:11-26
The Messiah’s Public Homecoming
Mark 11:1-11
The Son of David Stops for a Needy Man
Mark 10:46-52
The Servant Saved us to Make us Servants
Mark 10:32-45
Buying into the Supreme Value of Jesus
Mark 10:22-31
The Missing Thing
Mark 10:17-22
Kingdom Children
Mark 10:13-16
What is God’s Will for Marriage?
Mark 10:1-12
The Severe Challenge of Serving Christ
Mark 9:42-50
Mark 9:30-42
Jesus Breaks through a Wall of Unbelief
Mark 9:14-29
They Saw the Glory of Christ
Mark 9:1-13
Choosing between Life and Death
Mark 8:35-38
Confessing Christ in Truth
Mark 8:31-38
Step by Step with Christ
Mark 8:22-30
How many bread miracles does it take?
Mark 8:1-21
Jesus Brings Salvation Across the Line
Mark 7:24-37
How’s Your Heart?
Mark 7:14-23
Where’s Your Heart?
Mark 7:1-13
Mercy for Hardened Hearts
Mark 6:45-56
The True Shepherd of Israel has come!
Mark 6:30-44
A Murderer Trembles Before Christ
Mark 6:12-29
When Jesus Comes to Your Town
Mark 6:1-13
Five Faith Lessons
Mark 5:21-43
Jesus Reclaims a Ruined Life
Mark 5:1-20
Faith Tested in the Storm
Mark 4:35-5:1
Making Much of Christ’s Word
Mark 4:21-34
How’s Your Hearing?
Mark 4:1-20
Who is Jesus’ True Family?
Mark 3:31-35
Jesus: Mad, Bad, or True?
Mark 3:20-30
Jesus’ Merciful Kingdom
Mark 3:6-19
Reclaiming the Sabbath Day
Mark 2:18-3: 6
New Wine Demands a New Way
Mark 2:18-22
Mercy for Despicable Matthew
Mark 2:13-17
Jesus Brought Forgiveness to Earth
Mark 2:1-12
A Great King Who Heals our Diseases
Mark 1:29-45
Amazing Authority!
Mark 1:16-28
The Gospel of the Kingdom
Mark 1:14-15
Meet the Messiah!
Mark 1:9-13
A New Beginning for the World
Mark 1:1-8